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Almost any car can be modified, but the types of vehicles and modifications appropriate for each driver are based completely on individual need and preference. Be sure to see Infinitec's driving assessment page to find out what's involved in a personal driving assessment before making any modifications.

Assessments are extremely important to ensure personal safety, and it can't be stressed enough how unique each person's needs are; five people with the same disability will require five different modifications, and possibly even five different vehicles. What's more, a proper evaluation will save you a lot of money you might have wasted on the wrong equipment. Protect yourself and others by taking all the right steps.

Helpful Resource: Adapting Motor Vehicles for People with Disabilities.

Typical Modifications Prescribed by Driving Rehabilitation Specialists

We usually don't think of an automatic transmission as an adaptive device, but adaptive devices were often first created as conveniences for the general public! An automatic transmission eliminates the need for a clutch and manual shift.

Power steering is another winner! It has aided nearly everyone, but especially those with a weak upper body, some of whom use hand-controls.

Stability management systems offers a device that helps control the rebound energy in vehicle suspensions, so driver and passengers won't get jostled around and your vehicle retains stability. The device can prevent road bumps, wind from passing trucks, rollovers, and other accidents caused by vehicle instability.

A siren detector electronically detects the high decibel sound waves of an ambulance or fire truck for a driver who is hearing-impaired.

Bioptics (by ) is a system with a telescope attached to prescription eye glasses. This system enables a driver with low-vision to drive by glancing intermittently through special lenses.

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