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Mod My Ride

*Note: Product ride time can be reduced any where from 10-20 minutes, on a fully charged battery, depending on riders weight; various riding conditions and/or if product has been properly maintained.

  • Try the following:

  • Check riders weight & riding conditions, do not exceed the weight limit, go up a steep hill or attempt to tow objects. It is best to avoid these conditions at all times.
  • Replace fuse and correct riding conditions (Pg 6 in Owner's Manual).
  • Check air pressure in front and rear tires, if pressure is low, inflate tires to recommended PSI (located on tire sidewall)
  • Check chain tension. If chain is too tight, refer to pg 6 in owner's manual.
  • Check rear brake pads for signs that they are rubbing against the front tire (rim). If the brake pads are rubbing, readjust the brakes (Refer to pg 4 in Owner's Manual)
  • Make sure charger is plugged into charger port correctly & indicator lights are working properly. If the charger is not plugged into the charger port correctly, then make sure to plug charger into charger port correctly and charger for 8 hours (refer to page 3 in the Owner's Manual.)

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