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Learn engine tuning from a first class schoolYou want to become a competent engine tuner but you don’t know where to start!

Look no further, you have found the right tuner school.

Join the fast pace and exciting world of today’s high performance engine tuners. For a gear head there is nothing more exiting, gut wrenching and heart stopping to watch a well-tuned engine crank out the horsepower and torque it was designed for.

A career as a high performance engine tuner can be very satisfying and rewarding. Good engine tuning skills is respected in all performance communities and can be used to work for race teams, performance shops or even to start your own performance tuning business. One of the most difficult things for those who want to enter the world of high performance engine tuning is to find the proper equipment and or a facility where they can hone their engine tuning skills.

Using state of the art equipment Engine Tuner.com teach the fundamentals of high performance engine tuning in a small class setting, no more than two students, using tried and tested simple to understand, hands-on training techniques. It is our objective to lay a solid foundation through theory and application with the emphasis on “understanding what you hear and see, and the immediate hands-on application thereof”.

Learn Engine Tuning on an Engine Dyno:

An engine dyno was chosen for the majority of our training sessions because it allows the prospective engine tuner to get a better feel for and easily access major components on the engine. See and understand why certain components can provide different scaling values and learn how to use those values to improve on the overall tune of the engine. Teaching engine tuning on an engine dyno also allows for the back to back learning experience going from a natural aspirated environment to a boosted environment.

Accommodation close to the Engine Tuning SchoolThe engine tuner in training’s progression from theory to the practical application thereof will be based on a personal achievement level rather than that of a classroom full of students. Once the student engine tuner can demonstrate competency on the engine dyno, training is completed on one of two load bearing chassis dyno.

Another advantage of learning how to tune on an engine dyno is the fact that the engine can run for extended periods of time under load without having to worry about overheating. This allows those studying engine tuning concepts to learn how to tune the engine under various loads without having to worry about overheating due to airflow restrictions. This cannot be done on most chassis dyno’s because cooling is in most cases hopelessly insufficient for this kind of demonstrations.

The training staff at Engine Tuner has more than 40 years of combined experience in engine building high performance engines and the tuning thereof, covering the automotive, motorcycle, marine and many related industries. After successfully having our own careers and businesses in the field, we want nothing more than to help others get going in their own high performance tuning career.

Are you ready to start your career as a High Performance Engine Tuner? Then why wait call us today and book your class.

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