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Best Digital Painting Software for Multiple Operating Systems

Digital paint programs work well for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Some are even compatible with iPad and other tablets. Though the tablet versions might not have the full functionality of their desktop counterparts, they are still useful and reliable tools for editing and creating on the go. Check out our graphic tablets site to learn more about using tablets for digital painting.

Most products on the lineup, like Adobe Photoshop and ArtRage, offer options to run on each operating platform. When you purchase your digital art software, you can select the program best for the operating system you use.

Best Digital Painting Software Brush Selection

Digital painting software should provide a large variety of tools and brushes that imitate both wet and dry techniques. We looked for wet paint tools such as watercolors, sponges, airbrushes and oils. Dry media tools should include pens, pencils, charcoal and chalk. Some of the best painting applications even allow you to combine and create brushes to achieve a desired effect.

Pixarra does a great job giving creations the look and feel of an oil painting. Sketchbook, on the other hand, is highly effective for creating sketches and drawings that look like they've been done with pen and paper.

Who Uses Digital Art Software?

Digital art software has a range of uses. It can be used by novice artists who are just beginning digital painting and want to learn more, or by professionals who use it to create ads for multimillion-dollar companies.

Digital painting software helps you create works of art for personal or professional reasons. Many jobs require you to use digital painting software. For example, this software is a good tool for art teachers to use with their students. It may also be used by animators and illustrators who create still and motion-based artwork, or even freelance artists who create images for a range of needs.

Painting software provides the tools and capabilities to help anyone create artwork and bring their images to life. Whether you are a landscape artist who wants to recreate an oil painting or a student just learning about your artistic drive, this software can help you achieve your goals. The programs on our lineup address all of these far-ranging needs and everything in between.

Capabilities of the Best Digital Art Software

Digital art programs have a range of uses and truly put the power to create and edit images at your fingertips or, more accurately, your mouse. The best digital art software gives you the capabilities to edit existing images taken with a camera or ones you have created yourself. You can also create images from a blank canvas and make them your own.

Photo Editing
When you use digital painting software to edit photos, there is no one way to approach it. The possibilities are endless. You might want to make simple edits and touch-ups to an existing photograph, or maybe you want to use a photograph as the starting point for a completely new work of art.

Digital painting software allows you to change small things in your images. For example, you can correct red eye or fix blemishes. While these small edits are useful, the real power in digital painting software is in its ability to transform your images. With this software, you can add light effects that enhance your paintings or photos to look cutting-edge or futuristic. You can add new colorful or fantastical backgrounds in just a few strokes, putting your image into an entirely different world. You can even make existing photographs look like paintings, sketches or cartoons.

Buying Digital Painting Software vs. Free Digital Painting Software

A simple Google search will tell you that there are a lot of free digital painting tools out there. So why would you buy a more expensive product when you can get it for free? The answer is simple: Not all digital painting software is created equal.

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