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Best car Tuning companies

For many people, owning a dream car isn’t enough to keep their driving satisfaction at peak levels. Automobiles, regardless of manufacturer, price, or genre inevitably are flawed to some extent in factory form. Whether it be a restrictive air filter that hurts fuel efficiency and power straight from the factory, overweight aerodynamics that cause a performance machine to suddenly feel sloppy, or wear and tear on an engine over time causing it to need a “heart transplant, ” cars need a helping hand to keep that luster alive.

Thankfully the world is filled with countless aftermarket manufacturers, fabricators, free thinkers, and specialists that can whip any car into shape for the right price. Granted, there are plenty of untrustworthy shops out there, so doing some research on a company is pretty important prior to handing off the keys to that Ferrari Enzo. But that’s another list for another time. Today’s focus is on the best of the best. The trendsetters. The mad scientists. The guys on the frontline who live in the trenches, forever fighting the laws of physics. These are the shops that are behind the better — and most insane — builds.

Source: J’s Racing

1. J’s Racing

Sometimes the typical Honda and Acura just needs a carbon fiber widebody, a complete titanium exhaust, fully functional wings the size of Texas, gigantic six piston calipers, and a bevy of engine upgrades to shake the heavens.

This leaves the typical aftermarket enthusiast with one obvious shop to turn to: J’s Racing. Based in Osaka, Japan, J’s Racing has been a powerhouse in the Honda aftermarket world since the mid 1990s. With options ranging from billet oil caps and weighted shift knobs, to complete coilover suspension upgrades and aerodynamic upgrades, this shop has it all. With the recent launch of the American branch of J’s Racing, and a new NSX alongside a turbocharged Honda Civic looming on the horizon, there’s an air of excitement surrounding one of the world’s wildest Japanese tuners.

Source: RAUH-Welt

2. RAUH-Welt

It isn’t every day that an old Porsche can garner as much attention as a new model premiering at an auto show. But in the case of Japanese tuning specialist RAUH-Welt, this is a common occurrence. Specializing in older model 993s, 911s, 964s, and 930s, RAUH-Welt (or RWB as they are commonly called) continues to set the standard when it comes to aggressive aerodynamics on a Porsche. It may come as a surprise to some that many of the most talked about Porsches ever built didn’t come out of Europe, but out of the rice paddies surrounding Kashiwa, Japan. With unprecedented growth since its inception in 1997, RWB is quickly becoming a household name among many Porsche enthusiasts around the world.

With extremely wide fender options, canards, wings, and rocker panels in its arsenal, RWB’s popularity has grown to a point where they now have headquarters in both America and Europe to keep Porsche fans happy. Items like suspension upgrades and extra large wheel adapters for proper rim fitment underneath those massive fenders are also available, just to keep everything properly lined up with the custom bumpers on either end of the car.

Source: Rinspeed

3. Rinspeed

Few automotive aftermarket firms go to the extreme quite like Rinspeed of Switzerland. Where most tuners take cars and make them more stylistically attractive, or mindblowingly quick, Rinspeed is more interested in taking cars where they have never been before. Take the “sQuba” for instance: In 2008, it was decided that the company was going to make a fully functional, fully submersible car that could be driven both on land and in the depths of the ocean. To make things even more cutting edge, the vehicle featured a zero emission powerplant, was hydro-powered, came with a salt water resistant interior, and biodegradable Motorex oil.

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