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BMW (“Bayerische Motoren Werke”) is one of the most famous companies that produce premium cars worldwide, BMW cars are very popular for sportiness and elegance, but also luxury. If you didn’t know, BMW is the parent company of Rolls Royce and Mini, two brands with big names in the automotive industry.

All BMW’s had suffered optical and mechanical changes to improve the look and performance, all done due to the car tuning companies who daily prepare tuning packages for most cars that fresh out of the factories or even older models of cars.

Being one of the most popular car brands, most tuning companies produce a lot of tuning packages for BMW’s with optical and performance modifications such as new front and rear bumpers, carbon fiber elements, alcantara leather, engine upgrades, sports suspension kits, sports exhaust systems, and more.

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Read the latest tuning news from each car tuning company below.

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