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April 12, 2010 in Featured, Photoshop by Rufino

Virtual tuning body kit using brush techniques (Adobe Photoshop CS 3)

In this tutorial I`ll be using Adobe Photoshop CS3 but you can use any version of Adobe Photoshop.
There is an image for every step that will be very helpful.
After you have made all the steps you`ll be able to make an original bodykit for your car using 100% brush/dodge/burn tool techniques .

Pintilei Adrian-Dumitru is a graphic designer in Romania. He learned how to use graphic design software by practicing virtual-tuning projects for several years. He lives with his parents in a little village called Vorniceni but he studies at the National College A.T. Laurian in Botosani, Romania. His dream is to be an important computer-programmer in his country.

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Adobe Photoshop
  • Version: CS 3
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

Step 1: Starting the tutorial

Open a picture with a car

Step 2: Place it into a new background.

I moved the car in the new background . If you don`t know how, search for “Virtual Tuning Tutorial Part 1 ” on the Instatuts site.

Step 3: Stroke technique

Make a new layer, call it “Sketch”. Using Stroke Path technique (Brush size : 2px) make next sketch :

Step 4: Brush technique

Make a new layer, call it “Brush ”, put it under the “sketch” layer then fill it with the selected color.

Step 5: Lighting

With pen tool, make next path :

Step 6

Again use stroke technique with the white color, (Brush size : 2px size ), then erase the bottom of the stroke :

Step 7

Using same stroke technique make all the edges.

Step 8: Pavement reflections

Select the “Background” layer, make a selection like in the next image using PEN TOOL or LASSO TOOL then, right click – Layer via copy :

Step 9

Put the selected pavement on the front bar, lower the opacity and erase a little in the bottom of the reflection.

Step 10

Like in the step 9, copy a piece of pavement.

Step 11

Lower the opacity, and erase a little in the right part of the reflection.

Step 12

Repeat those steps for all the front bumper

Step 13: Gaussian Blur

Blur a little the white strokes using Gaussian Blur ( 0.3 px )

Step 14

Select this part . Use Feather Radius on 0.3 px.

Step 15

Right click -> Layer via copy

Step 16: Resizing

Edit-Free Transform :

Step 17: Stroke sketch

Make a new layer, make next sketch for orientation . I used pen & brush tool for the sketch. (Brush size : 2px)

Step 18

Select and fill the selection with black color (Remember, for better selections use Feather Radius : 0.3 px )

Step 19

Make next selection :

Step 20: Smudge tool

Select the “car” layer and smudge like in the next picture :

Step 21: Repeat step 20

Repeat step 20 .

Step 22: Smudging result

You should obtain something like this :

Step 23:Update sketch

I added some new elements on the sketch.

Step 24: Highlights/shadows

Make a new layer, call it “Highlights/Shadows”, select next color :

Step 25

With pen tool make next path :

Step 26:Stroke technique

Right Click – Stroke path ( Brush size : 2px)

Step 27

Erase the parts where the light can`t reach.

Step 28: Resize the stroke layer

Duplicate the “Highlights/Shadows” then resize a little.:

Step 29

Replace green color with white color.

Step 30

Lower the opacity to 40%

Step 31

Select this part (Remember, for better selections use Feather Radius : 0.3 px )

Step 32: Add Mesh

Load the selection in the picture with the mesh donor.

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