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For adding more power, there are plenty of engine-tuning techniques most people can do very easily without a lot of involved mechanical work. Simple bolt-on products or replacement parts add a lot of horsepower needing massive amounts of money or specialized knowledge. Here are a few tips for adding cheap horsepower.

Add a Turbo

Perhaps the biggest gain in horsepower you will get, short of adding a bottle of nitrous oxide to the mix, is by adding a turbocharger. The great thing about turbochargers is that they do not impact your fuel usage very much, but can add as much as 50 horsepower.

Let It Breathe

Getting as much air as you can through the intake system will also add some horsepower. By adding a max flow air-filter or air sensor, it removes the restrictions for gainful aspiration. Giving your engine more air can add up to 15 more horsepower and also keep your car ecologically-sound.

Even the mildest of forced induction setups tend to rival all but the most extensively modified naturally aspirated engine, so this is something to think about when planning your next project.

Cylinder Head

The cylinder head is the part of the engine that controls airflow in and out of the engine. Smoothing and matching the dimensions of the intake and exhaust ports can have a large impact on power, especially when combined with more aggressive cams and re-sized intake manifold and throttle body. To compliment these improvements to airflow, properly tuned headers help improve exhaust flow leaving the engine and further improve power.

Exhaust Improvements

As much as it is important for the car to breathe in more air, it also has to have a way to get rid of most of the exhaust that it can. The better an engine can remove the gases from the internal combustion, the more power it will have. Adding high performance mufflers, headers and larger diameter pipes add several more horsepower to your car.

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