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Computer tuning software for cars

For most street cars, when comparing some companies piggyback ECU’s to a product such as a Dinan Dtronics ECU, many websites and shops only quote advertised HP increases as the basis for a sale. But when you look at both of these products with a critical eye, the differences can be astounding. The inferior brands trick the factory programming into performing tasks it was not originally meant to. They do this by bypassing factory safeguards without providing their own. Physical differences in the harnesses show another place where they “saved” money. A Dinan harness, utilizes factory weather sealed connectors wrapped in factory style loom, made for specific vehicle, not a universal-cut-to-fit version. Some of the cheaper brands utilize wire nuts to connect wiring. Wire nuts are for home construction, at RRT we build performance driving machines and we believe they have no place in a car. The Dinan Dtronics unit is shock tested against any vibration that a vehicle can transfer to it. Its processor is just as powerful as the factory unit. Why? Because they have taken the time to rewrite all the needed software to properly tune a vehicle anything less would be a compromise. As far as power is concerned, much of the additional power obtained by some companies is done so at the expense of reliability. Maintenance is generally increased and related drive train components fail more often. That is because, when the envelope is pushed to reach that HP number other systems need tuning. That is where most companies do not want to spend the money. Dinan tests vehicle after vehicle in a variety of torture tests that are designed to mimic not only all of the possible circumstances a vehicle might encounter, but also to analyze all the ancillary items in a vehicle and tune the system as a whole. These extra steps in the development process do cost a more money, and thereby adding to the cost of the product released. But they also ensure that as a whole your vehicle will function as well as a factory vehicle for many years and many tens of thousands of miles saving you frustration and money in the future.

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