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Present vehicles with a finished design quickly and without any hassle.

The vehicle templates from creativ collection not only provide you with the perfect basis for lettering, but with CAR-3D you can present a modern and professional image – both simple lettering and full wrapping of the vehicle. You do not require any extra software or special programming knowledge. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can create a perfect and persuasive presentation with your logo and individual background themes. You can save your 3D presentation as an image, print it or send a link directly to your customer.

The length of the rendering process for the 3D model depends on the transmission rate of your internet connection.

System requirement for browsers: We recommend the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. CAR-3D is fundamentally supported for the following browser versions and above: Chrome 48, Safari 9, Firefox 44, Android 47, Chrome for Android 47. Note: Internet Explorer cannot be recommended.

It's that simple:



Download vehicle outline


Configure with Corel Draw
or Illustrator


Corel Draw:
File / Export for / Web
Adobe Illustrator:
File / Save for Web

Height: 2048px
Filename: Audi_069_projectXY


Upload to CAR-3D

Check it out:

Download test file
start CAR-3D and upload test file then

Download at the single car search site the 3D version of the vehicle drawing.

Open the 3D-enabled CAR SPECIAL vehicle data in CorelDraw or Illustrator.
The close similarity with the 2D drawings makes it easy to adapt to the programme.

CAR-3DCreate a new design layer
and move the small defining squares to this layer (On same position).

Design the vehicle as usual using fonts, logos and images.
All design elements need to be contained within the defining squares.
You can colour the bodywork outline in the colour of the car to assist you in your design.

Hide the layer containing the vehicle template.
Leave only the layers containing the design elements and the two defining squares visible.

In CorelDraw, the layer containing the vehicle template must be set to “non-printing”.

Export the vehicle design to your project folder as an „PNG-Datei“:
- Transparency
- RGB (24 Bit)
- Height: 2048 pixels
- Constrain Proportions

Corel Draw: File / Export for / Web
Adobe Illustrator: File / Save for Web

Please note:
The original file name should be retained, although a separation using underscore may be added.
e.g. Audi_069_projektXY

Start CAR-3D

Click on „Durchsuchen“ and select the PNG file you have just exported.

Click on „render 3D presentation“ to launch the import of your design to CAR-3D.

Your model will now be calculated.
Please be patient whilst your 3D model is being calculated. This may take a few minutes.

Turn and zoom the model until the desired position has been achieved.

CAR-3D Einzelfahrzeugsuche Einzelfahrzeugsuche Einzelfahrzeugsuche

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