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how to design car wrapsWrap Solutions installs high-quality custom vinyl wraps on all types of vehicles. Many businesses get fleet vehicles wrapped in full or partial wraps to promote themselves. Designing an awesome vehicle wrap can be a fantastic way to let people on the road know about your business. An expert design team is a part of the Wrap Solutions’ team but many of our clients like to design their fleet wraps themselves. Participating in the vehicle wrap design process firsthand will ensure that all necessary information is included on the wrap.

The following are tips for designing your own vehicle wrap.

1. Make sure you have all the information that you would like to include.

A big mistake that we commonly see from first-time car wrap designers is forgetting to include a piece of information in their design. This could be anything from a missing phone number to forgetting to include a description of the services that you offer. It’s best to list out all the details you would like displayed on your custom wrap before you start designing so you don’t have to squeeze valuable info in at the last minute.

2. Will your Wrap be a Branded Design?

Incorporating your company’s brand into a vehicle wrap design is a surefire way to make sure people connect your ad and business. Some of the best ways to brand a company car is to use company colors and imagery as a part of the wrap.

3. Display information in a way that’s easy to understand.

Displaying the most valuable information in the world won’t do you any good if no one is able to read it. Using colors and fonts that are easy to read quickly generally gives your wrap the best chance to draw new customers to your business.

4. Save your wrap design as a high-resolution file.

A high-resolution file of your wrap design is a must if you want your custom vehicle graphic to look as good as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask the Wrap Solutions team if you need any help figuring out what the best way to save your design will be.

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