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Car enthusiasts can now customise their vehicles with their own choice of paints, parts and even body kits - all from the comfort of their own home.

The Toyota 86 RC sports car comes as a blank canvas and allows drivers to design it themselves.

"They can add body kits, they can add alloy wheels, they can add custom paint. They can add some decals onto the car, " says Toyota marketing manager Neeraj Lala.

The car can only be purchased online for $34, 000. That compares to Toyota's regular 86 model which retails for around $43, 000.

To help keep costs down, it does not come with a stereo or air-conditioning.

"When you put a car on a track, a race car particularly, air-conditioning is the first piece of equipment that is removed, " says Mr Lala. "That's to improve performance, but also to reduce weight."

Mr Lala says the car is a response to online demand.

"We've seen this huge explosion in online sales over the past five or six years, " he says. "It's just about giving the customers the choice of purchasing their car online."

But he says it will not become a trend, as people will always need customer service.

"I can see some cars being sold entirely online. But I think customers still need that relationship with their local dealer.

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