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Step 3

Activate move tool and then drag car into background file.

Step 4

Hit Command/Ctrl + T to perform transformation. Rotate car until it covers the original car.

Step 5

In Paths panel, create new path. Use pen tool to draw a path selecting lower part of the car. Hit Command/Ctrl + Enter to convert path into selection and then delete selected areas.

Step 6: Removing Door Handle

This car door is going to use remote. So, let's remove door handle. Select areas next to the door handle using Polygon tool. Hit Command/Ctrl + J to duplicate it to new layer. Place the duplicated layer on top of the door handle. Add layer mask and paint its edges with black until it blends with its surrounding.

Usually, once is just not enough. You will have to repeat this a few times until it really blends and the door's handle is completely disappeared.

Step 7

Repeat previous step to remove rear door handle, gas cap, and turn light.

Step 8: Modify Side Mirror

Select lower part of side mirror. Click Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Reduce Lightness setting to make it darker.

Step 9

Editing lightness sometimes will decrease contrast. This happens to our side mirror. Activate brush tool and set its brush size to 1 px. Draw a black line on indicated area below.

Step 10: Remove Number Plate

We are going to add custom front bumper. First, we need to remove the car number plate. Activate Clone tool. In the Option Bar, select Sample: All Layers. With this setting, cloning process will be applied on separate layers. Therefore, the original image is unaffected.

Alt-click areas next to the plate number to sample it as clone source. Create new layer and click on the plate number to cover it using pixel from the source clone. To get natural result, I suggest you to use several source clone and reduce Clone tool Opacity from the Option Bar.

Step 11

There is other method you can use to remove the plate number. Activate brush tool. Alt-click similar color to select it and then paint over the areas. This method is relatively faster than cloning, but you must be very careful in selecting the color. Keep in mind that there are no solid color in real life.

Step 12: Front Bumper

After successfully removing plate number. It's time to add custom bumper. Use brush tool to paint black on the bumper areas. Set foreground color to dark gray and then draw basic shape inside the bumper. Create new layer and convert it to Clipping Mask. This way, everything we paint will goes inside the shape. Use brush tool to manually draw highlights and shadow.

Step 13

In animation below, you can see the full process of drawing the front bumper.

Step 14

Let's add lowering kit by lengthening its front bumper. Draw the basic shape using pen tool. Convert it to selection and then fill it with #8f8f8f.

Step 15

Create new layer. Convert it to Clipping Mask by pressing Command/Ctrl + Alt + G. Use brush tool with low Opacity to paint white for highlight and black for shadow. Repeat this process carefully until we get natural lighting on the front bumper.

Step 16: Hide Original Car

Create new layer under the car's body. Paint black to cover the original car behind it.

Step 17: Intercooler

Next step is adding intercooler. Set foreground color to #5c5d5f. Activate brush tool with brush size 3 px. Draw a line by clicking once and Shift-click on other end of the line. Repeat this until we have some lines.

Step 18

Set foreground color to black. Draw big shadow covering the lines. Activate eraser tool with low Opacity. Erase some of the shadow until it looks natural.

Step 19

You may notice that there is a missing detail on its bumper. Let's leave it that way for now. First, we need to work on its side skirts.

Step 20

Activate brush tool and set foreground color to #5d5d60. Draw side skirt.

Step 21

Create new layer. Hit Command/Ctrl + Alt + G to convert it to Clipping Mask. From now on, everything we paint will goes inside the side skirt. Paint white for highlight and black for shadow. Below you can see the progress in painting its shadow and highlight.

Step 22

After drawing side skirt, we can see that our front bumper is not low enough. Let's fix it by redraw the front bumper. Create new layer and convert it to Clipping Mask. Use brush tool to add some shadows and highlights.

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