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We remember back in the old days when we had to sit down with a dealer to look at all the options, features and prices for the car we were interested in. Simple questions like "how much extra for fog lights or a moon roof?" required the dealer to look it up in his special book or computer with a green screen and then take out his calculator. Then we would have to make a fast decision on what a moon roof was really worth to us. Finally, in the end, after we spent most of the day at the dealership haggling over price and configuring the vehicle exactly the way we wanted it, it turned out they didn't have it like that at the lot and the dealer would try to sell us something else.

Thankfully, you no longer have to depend on a car dealer to (not) help you find the perfect car for you. Now, most car manufacturers have a "build your own car or truck" webpage online.

There are many reasons to build your own car or truck online, before purchasing a vehicle. It will give you a detailed list of options and features available. It allows you to configure your vehicle not only according to your needs and wants, but you can also adjust features and options to adjust the price to what you are comfortable paying. Then, after you built it how you want it, you can print it out, search for dealers that have your car, or simply order it directly from the manufacturer.

Below are direct links to 'build your own car' webpages of the corresponding automobile manufacturer. You could also go to Kelly Blue Book (KBB), Edmunds, or something similar to build your car, but we strongly recommend that you go directly to the manufacturer. Going directly to the manufacturer assures that your online-built car or truck has the most detailed and up to date information.

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