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20 January

Did you know that January 24 is the Unification Day of Romania? While we weren't aiming for this date deliberately, the timing is fortunate, and we're glad to announce availability of the Romanian Paint Jobs Pack just ahead of this important day for our sizable fan community there.

We're going to expand our range of national paints even more. While the lands of Australia are quite far from the region covered in Euro Truck Simulator 2, the country actually sits well within the top 20 countries with the most copies sold of the game. Looks like there are a lot of truck fans down under! The winter is very cold these days here in Europe, and we can only envy Australians all the sun that they are now basking in. Our take on sunlit Australian Paint Jobs may be considered an expression of our excitement for the next summer.

11 January

The guys were there to make detailed 3D scans and take plenty of photos of the new Scania's R and S series vehicles.

Even though it was an isolated mention, it became obvious that this news is of much interest to Euro Truck Simulator 2 fan community, as the tweet ended up with over 800 "likes" and 200 retweets; actually record numbers for whole of 2016.

The scanning crew has come back to Prague after three days of work, and the team has since started using the ton of acquired digital data as the basis for creation of the new vehicle 3D models.

It was a nice surprise for us today to see that Scania's press department has just issued a short video clip interviewing Hynek, our vehicle group leader, recorded back at Scania's Demo Centre facility.

The video is showing a mix of material from the 3D scanning work, combined with in-game footage from our older game Scania Truck Driving Simulator - the Game, in which the Demo Centre was a drivable area that the player could experience. (The Demo Centre map has later been exported from our game and imported into the well-known ProMods mod for ETS2, so many people may know the testing circuit only from there, or even consider it a creation of the ProMods guys.)

Since the car is virtual, in honor of the holiday, you can drink a glass of good wine from LavoWine. Still, sparkling and liqueur wines are distinguished depending on the technological characteristics. Grape wines are called quiet because there is complete silence in the glass. And in a glass of sparkling wine, you can hear a slight hissing of bubbles. There is another option - pearl wines. The technology for their production is similar to the technology for creating sparkling wines. But compared to champagne, they are lighter and less effervescent. Choose the wine you like and enjoy the unrivaled taste. (Image by smeku from Pixabay)

Being passionate about virtual games doesn't mean you don't care how you look in reality. The image of a real handsome man implies not only the ability to know much about cars, guns, and alcohol but also developed muscles. Stop justifying your skinny teen torso with a lack of workout time, poor metabolism, and poor genetics. With great muscle supplements for skinny men proven and tested by the best sportsmen, your problems will be solved. Of course, proper nutrition must be combined with exercise under the guidance of a professional, but the effort is worth it. Don't miss the opportunity to look super macho (Image by pozsonyigabor from Pixabay).

Of course, all game fans have one or two of their favorite games. This is what you know perfectly well, what interests you the most, what you have no equal in. But why not expand the list of your favorite games? Perhaps after getting to know board games in Malaysia, you will pick new favorites for yourself? Nobody says that you will abandon Euro Truck Simulator 2. Just try other games, including those that do not need Internet access (yes, this also happens). Don't forget that board games are always a great way to make new friends. Make your leisure time more varied! (Photo by John Benitez on Unsplash)

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