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Donlen’s fleet vehicle maintenance program offers you proper vehicle maintenance with negotiated savings, broad vendor coverage for a complete service package, and an easy-to-use program to efficiently manage your fleet’s needs.

Every product we provide is enhanced by FleetWeb®, our integrated internet-based platform that provides detailed insights into your fleet operations. Thanks to the great customer experience you will receive via our world-class call center operations, your drivers will be back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our approach is to first learn about your specific goals and requirements. Then we will work with you to customize a program that best complements your fleet operations. We offer the following maintenance products and services that can be configured to your fleet’s needs.

Enhanced, Streamlined Purchase Order System

Donlen has a highly experienced team of maintenance advisors, most of whom hold multiple ASE certifications. Our maintenance call center operates at best-in-class levels around key metrics such as hold times and customer service quality. The purchase order system is the platform our maintenance advisors use on a daily basis to manage maintenance transactions on behalf of our customers. Donlen’s purchase order system is electronically integrated with major maintenance vendors in the fleet industry. Donlen is essentially connected with vendors’ point-of-sales systems, and we return this information in a consistent format back to our customers.

The electronic integration enhances the accuracy of information and enables Donlen to process transactions more efficiently. We have a catalogue of over 4, 500 service codes, a transparent maintenance category structure, and streamlined interaction with our customers in the repair approval process. Our customers can access the PO system directly, view all the details associated with the repair and make approvals that are directly sent to the vendor, further reducing processing times and vehicle downtime.

eCoupon Preventative Maintenance Program

eCoupon-Iphone Donlen’s new, fully electronic Preventive Maintenance (PM) program enables you to maximize PM compliance more efficiently. Our new eCoupon program delivers comprehensive electronic service notifications to your driver’s tablets or smartphones. These notifications start the PM service process conveniently and efficiently for your drivers and provide you the following benefits:

  • Guided Vendor Recommendations – We provide the nearest National Account locations to drivers in order to increase the utilization of the National Account program. That means you will see lower maintenance costs for your fleet along with reduced downtime.
  • Smart Send Notifications – eCoupon continuously monitors the service history of a vehicle and sends notifications to your drivers when the service is actually due. This improves the PM compliance of your fleet and reduces costs related to over-maintenance.
  • Customizable Sending Triggers – In addition to mileage intervals, you might want to include days as a parameter for your PM schedule to account for idling time. The eCoupon provides you with that benefit and enables you to optimize your PM schedules according to your unique fleet’s needs.
  • Maintenance Call Center

    With Donlen’s fleet vehicle maintenance program, our team of ASE-Certified maintenance professionals are available to you 24/7/365 to help you reduce vehicle down time and lower your fleet’s maintenance costs. Our world-class contact center has the fastest response time in the industry, with customer response time averaging 20 seconds. Drivers can reach the call center via toll-free hotline or through our mobile app, which features one-touch access to the call center.

    Most of our expert mechanical advisors hold multiple ASE-certifications, which allows them to make sure your vehicles are serviced at the correct time for the right price.

    Our Maintenance Contact Center received the Outstanding Customer Support Performance award from The Fraser Group in 2016. To achieve this recognition, contact center employees must receive a performance score above 90 percent in areas such as listening, questioning, confirmation, professionalism, and closing for 12 straight months.

    Cars & Light Truck Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

    Donlen’s car and light truck maintenance program ensures that fleets operate safely and efficiently. Elements of Donlen’s car maintenance programs include maintenance consultation, preventive maintenance, and a national account card.

  • Maintenance consultation provides your drivers with up-front assistance and guidance on vehicle repairs from Donlen’s ASE-certified technicians.
  • Preventive maintenance prompts your drivers to secure critical vehicle maintenance services on a timely basis.
  • The Donlen National Account Card helps your drivers secure cost-effective services — with no out-of-pocket expenses — at more than 20, 000 national account vendors in the United States.
  • Medium & Heavy Truck Maintenance

    Donlen recognizes the need for custom programs to manage the complex issues associated with maintaining a truck fleet. We provide flexible, innovative solutions specially designed for truck maintenance.

    Our ASE-Certified truck advisors provide expert consultation services and are trained to provide support for specialty equipment. Through our custom programs, Donlen assures your trucks remain within DOT compliance standards. Other benefits include:

  • Up-to-the-minute management reports that let fleet managers track repair status.

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