Truck Builder

Truck Builder Games

Kids can assemble 18 different kinds of cars in three workshops. Once they finish assembling, they can drive their creation and start their road adventure!
Friendly interaction! Easy to control! Drive from underground caves to the Midwest highways, with a variety of fun props, the children will enjoy on their road.
Now, come and drive down the road! Pick a car, racing car or tractor. Are you ready for the adventure?

18 different kinds of cars for assembling
3 types of road driving experiences, including caves, cities, and mountain roads in the US Midwest
• No rules or time pressures. Explore at your own pace
• Great for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-5

Parents, you can always count on the Yateland team to create safe and educational apps your children will love!

No sound!!
by Chains36

Ever since the last update, there is no sound on this app. I tried removing it and reloading it, and that didn't work. My son still plays with it but I can tell he doesn't enjoy it as much.

Truck flip flaw
by Lil bear odog

Extremely frustrating for toddlers when vehicle flips over and can't get going again, app flaw

by Mrs. Hopper

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