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Car design software can be used to model or simulate almost every aspect of an automobiles structure or operation. Use the table below to learn how different types of software are used to engineer a vehicle design:

Software for creating models of your car concept or detailed design.

3D Solid modelers provide the ability to create parts, connect them to make assemblies, and ultimately a complete vehicle if desired. If they are “parametric”, part dimensions and properties can be adjusted using parameters or even other parts, enabling things like auto-sizing.

2D CAD software provides 2D drafting capabilities.

Software for simulating the flow of fluids (Air in the case of car design) around a 2D or 3D object. Frequently used for testing whole body shapes, wings, ducts and underbody floors on cars.

Software for designing and analyzing suspension systems and geometry. Some software includes kinematic capabilities that simulate vehicle dynamics using the designed suspension. Suspension design software is invaluable in car or truck design as it does the heavy lifting when it comes to the many iterations of manual calculation that are usually needed to find the ideal geometry.

Software for simulating motion physics in either 3D or 2D. Used in car design for problem solving and simulating vehicle behaviors on or off road.

Software for managing tasks and schedules, in either a single person or group collaboration environment. Useful in automobile / race car design and construction for documenting tasks and timelines if need be.

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