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Today we are excited to showcase and open the beta program for our new product—CARTO Builder. We’ve been working really hard on rethinking location data analysis techniques and have come up with some exciting new concepts that we believe will make them widely more accessible. But before the big reveal, we’d like to touch on the background to this new product.

In 2012 we launched CartoDB with the goal of providing a set of tools and APIs that would allow for the easier development of spatial applications on a user experience-focused platform—location applications did not have to look like old GIS desktop tools migrated to the web, and developers did not need to be spatial database experts to work with maps on the web. At the same time, we provided users with an accessible tool, the CartoDB Editor, for creating maps on the web. This successfully enabled data analysts and non-developers to publish stories with location data.

Today, we are looking at going one level deeper to make Location Intelligence (LI) more accessible. We think this step is so big that we are taking the opportunity to rebrand the company and call ourselves CARTO; we are dropping the DB because we are not a database, we are an LI platform!

Universalizing LI starts with enabling spatial analysis without having to learn SQL, code, or complex model building. Our new language for spatial analysis will make discovering key insights a fundamental skill for data analysts.

To put insights into action we have made them accessible to organizations; we’re doing so by adding business intelligence (BI) capabilities to widget-based applications. With CARTO Builder, you can now create and share full exploration and analysis applications without having to write a single line of code.

To ensure a smooth transition from the existing CartoDB Editor to the new CARTO Builder, we’ll be rolling it out in progressive phases over the summer. Expect to see some video tutorials and demos which will highlight the functionalities and power of this new technology.

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