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Car dealer group websites by DealerFire Medved AutoplexTuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Car dealer portal websites are essential to have for every dealership group. They represent the dealership group brand as a whole. They are also the dealership websites that are likely to have a lot of visitors. Today we take you through the dealer portal websites of one of our car dealers in Denver Colorado, Medved.

Indexed Pages for Automotive WebsitesCirca year 2000, it seems as though the number of pages being indexed is again at the forefront of perceived online success. For those of you who don’t know, “indexed pages” are those pages that a search engine has crawled and “filed, ” which then have the ability to rank (and theoretically earn traffic). This number used to serve an indication of site architecture and “crawlability.” In the very beginning this number actually had some merit, but that was before the significant improvements in crawler sophistication and scalability … and you know… logic.

Car dealer website design

car dealer websites van horn chevyThe first thing you recognize about this amazing automotive website is the crazy blue background. It highlights the main slideshow area by transitioning from dark to light. Add in light texture and you have yourself a car dealer website with a premium stage for showcasing what your car dealership is all about.

Right next to the slideshow is a quick navigation that leads to Van Horn Chevy’s top three areas of interest. You can browse new chevys, used cars or schedule service. This is important because these are very popular choices when a customer visits a dealership’s website. (more…)

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