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What does a car tune-up up include?

The car's fuel and air filters are replaced if clogs are found. Both devices give the car greater fuel economy and help to extend the life of the fuel pump. During the tune-up, spark plugs that have become coated in fuel, oil or carbon are replaced to ensure that the car continues to run well. The spark plug wires are replaced if any cracks are found. The car's battery is checked for corrosion on the terminals and to ensure a good connection. The battery's power is also tested to ensure that it can continue to provide enough power to start the car. If a clog is found in the PCV valve, it is replaced to prevent the car from stalling in the future. All belts are checked for cracks and tears, and if any are found, they are replaced to prevent future damage to the vehicle. All of the vehicle's lights are checked to ensure that they are in working order. This includes headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights and lights around the license plate. The tires are inspected for proper air pressure and signs of uneven wear and tear.

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