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I must admit, as soon as I saw this car, I was totally smitten. The size of the car, the unique style of the body, the interactive features it offers, the countless possibilities with the personalisation of the design. This car is a champion for individuality, and I have not seen any other car offer so much when it comes to making something completely individual and unique. I personally feel, that for females who are just starting out driving especially, this car is going to become the most popular on the market. But it is also perfect for guys, again due to the high number of personalisation options. You can take this car and make it perfect for anyone!

So, when it comes to choosing your car, you can play around with the shape and style of car, of which there are a few, depending on whether you want the standard model, Vauxhall ADAM, or a sportier version Vauxhall ADAM S, or Vauxhall ADAM Rocks for a more robust feel to the design. And from there you can personalise the exterior colour of the body, the roof, the mirrors, the seats, the dashboard. You can become your own car designer and I have had so much fun playing around with the ADAM Yourself Visualiser, trying new colours and designs until I had created a car I would be super excited to show off!

But this car is more than just a personalised design. One of the features I loved the most was the connectivity this car offers. It has a screen built into the central column that allows you to connect your phone to use Apply Car Play/Android Auto, which basically enables you to use your phone from the screen. If you’re a Spotify fan like I am, this will be perfect for playing your latest playlist, or answering calls from the screen. Plus, the car includes the Vauxhall Onstar feature, with 4G/LTE Wi-fi, so you can stay connected, and call for assistance, from wherever you are. Plus, the fact you can open and close this car from your phone had me totally sold!

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