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3387 Enterprise Ave
Hayward, CA 94545
(510) 887-2993

Excellent customer service and job very well done for my Escalade. I needed to get it raised to accommodate the big tires that I got on it to get rid off of the tire rubbing and Robert provided me with a good quote and he was able to get the job done same day. I received good honest service and I am so happy with the results.

Can't say nothing but good things about this place. For a while I was looking for a place that could provide me the services I need for my 07' Tahoe. Looked around Yelp and stumbled upon this place. Great thing is, it's not too far from me, but what sold me to do business with this place is the man in charge - Robert. He's a very genuine guy and definitely knows his craft. Been in business for over 20+ years and talking with him from the start I knew he wasn't wasting anytime and got to the point. Gave me a fair price on parts and labor for the a belltech drop kit (2"/4") for my Tahoe and what surprised me the most was the fast turnaround rate for him to install it. He ran me through the steps and made me understand what I was getting and the customization I was about to do so I felt confident to leave my Tahoe in good hands. I dropped it off around 4pm yesterday (11/6/15) and they closed at 6pm so they had to keep it there that night, but when I called in at around 2pm today (11/7/15), they said it was already done. Mind you they open at 10am on Saturdays, so even if they didn't start on the installment, they got it all done within 4 hours. That's pretty awesome to me. If you're looking for a place to do great stuff to your car or truck, I implore you to visit him. Have a chat with Robert and get a feel for him. He's a good guy. No bullshit involved. Very helpful and definitely coming back again to get other parts installed on the Tahoe. Overall, you won't regret it.

What can I say. I decided to lower my 2014 Civic and needed a good place to do it and thats exactly what I found. Robert was an amazing guy who displayed his passion for helping customers and giving them what they are expecting. He did a great job with my car and I am pleased with the end results. This is a place I recommend to anyone who needs work done or modification because they know what they are doing. When i'm ready to do more to my car this will be my first stop. Thanks again Custom Modified!

I recently purchased an Air Lift air bag kit and compressor system to help with the rear end sag on my truck when towing a 20ft enclosed trailer. Soon after ordering the kit online I realized I wouldn't have the time to install it myself so I began the search for a competent installer that could do the job on short notice (the install HAD to done in one day, Friday). Custom Modified Experts was one of only two shops I found that could accommodate my schedule. Technically they were a bit further from me, and slightly more expensive than the other shop. But my gut told me to go with CME. I'm happy I went with my gut. The guys at CME took my truck in (I was late dropping it off) and did what I consider a great job. The thing I was most worried about, the wiring, looked nice and neat. They were even able to make a custom bracket that made the mounting of my air compressor even better than the method Air Lift recommended. I was able to use the system for my trip Saturday and it worked perfect. Great job!

Sick person,in his shop ONLY DO OVERCHARGE!!!and not friendly that guy's mind only overcharge you and he is no heart to charge you !if you want to buy something please never go this shop !

Can't say anything negative about this place, the overall experience was perfect...a stand up guy that does stand up work.I wanted my truck lowered...he explained all options, including pros and cons of each, he did the work in a timely fashion, and the price was lower than expected.5 Stars

Came here to have my fenders rolled, was having issues with my tires rubbing. Was a last minute job, and Robert gladly took me in even though he had his hands full. Job was done quick, efficient and most importantly done right, he really cares about quality and it shows in his work. Coming from Sf all the way to Robert should tell you how good he is at his craft. I'll definitely keep coming in the future for more work to be done.

This is an awesome business to patronize! I was super concerned after running over an object on the freeway and was frantic in looking for a place to check my car. Robert was very friendly and trust-worthy when i had him take a look at my car. He opened his shop doors for me and gave me peace of mind by treating my concerns with utmost respect. Thank you!

Well I bought a Stillen Gen3 cold air intake for my G37, and heard about this place is the bomb, so I e-mailed the owner Robert and asked him for more infos about the cold air intake stuffs.I came here on Thursday 10am, when I walk in the door, I met Josh and Robert, they're very nice and knowledgeable.I dropped off my car at 10:30, walked to next store which is a lil cafe and grabbed a coffee while waiting for my car. It only takes less than 2 hrs, Robert also wrapped a clear vinyl on my intake paper to prevent fading numbers, hella nice! they also have hella stickers/decals in store, car parts, CF, wheels etc I found the right place, I would love to come back here next month and put my headers, straight pipes on. I strongly recommend "Custom Modified Experts", the only bad thing is-"They're too Professional! haha, they did a nice and clean job, well done~!thanks for modifying my car Robert, I really felt the power gained and I'll come back for my next mod!

I highly recommend this shop! I came in originally to get my 91 Toyota truck lowered with a Belltech 2/3 drop. I wasn't satisfied with the drop and asked if Robb could possibly lower it more without going with an airbag system. Not only was I completely satisfied with the finished results, Robb did a fantastic job and I will be doing more business with him in the future.

Own a 02 Honda Civic Si, with a lowered suspension. When the front shocks started making noise, I went to several shops in SF, who budgeted me high or even wanted me to order the parts to be replaced. Finally, I tried yelp and found CME. Robert checked my car, diagnosed the problem right away and gave me a total price of labor and part cost. He fixed my car in very short time. My experience as a customer was great. I highly recommend CME.

robert installed an aftermarket wind deflector and fog lights for my 1996 honda accord 4-door automatic EX. he was the only person i could find that would do the work, that i also wanted to do the work he has a cool little shop thats clean also. lots to look at also if your waiting. the fog lights work great, help me and my daughter see at night while driving this recently acquired used vehicle. robert was easy to work with and did good work. i recommend this place.

Robert (bobby) the son is awesome. Definately recommend! He found my blown fuse, hooked up my horn, did my tranny pan gasket, as well as install a new steering wheel! 5 stars for Custom Romefied...Modified..Hes also certified! Love his work very precise voltmeter i mean test lights everything making diagnoses very easy. Definately will be back soon!

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