7. Nissan Note

Modified Small car

Demolition Derby - Large Cars

Tuesday, August 9th, 7:00 PM
► No entry fee • Everyone must buy a pit pass ◄
For additional information and questions about rules, please call 270-268-1356

Large Car, Tire Burnout, Small Car Modified
1st Place . $1, 000.00
2nd Place . 300.00
3rd Place . 100.00

DERBY KING’S number one concern is drivers’ safety and we do admit Demolition Derbies are a dangerous sport. DERBY and below and FWD cars of 104 inches and Boone County, Inc. assumes no responsibility, liability, or fault in the result o injury from any of these events. Your participation is your choice!

1. Promoter has the right to approve or reject any entry. No vans, ambulances, or El Camino type allowed.

2. Remove all fiberglass panels, all plastic panels and glass, including windshield. Remove all molding, rear seats, hood latches, factory gas tanks, all wheel weights and door handles.

3. No welding on frame except for mounting bumper, motor mounts, repairs or rewelding from where you notched and pre-bent.

4. Shock bumpers should be welded, chained or bolted or all. Bumper can be no higher than 22 inches. It can be welded directly to the frame (C-bumper rule).

5. Rear frame rail no lower than 14 inches at the 2nd body bolt from rear bumper. Body bolts can be changed. No washers more than 3 inches round. No washers welded to frame.

6. Doors can be welded, chained, or wired shut. Trunk lid and tail gate may be bolted or welded shut with 3/8 bolts & washers or 3/8 rebar. No larger than 3/8 rebar or 2” wide 1/4” thick strip, if it is you will have to cut it.

7. Four bar interior cage is allowed, may not contact frame, firewall, motor or transmission or extend more than 12 inches behind the driverseat or attach to floor. No bar up to firewall from dashbar, rollbaris OK, but must be straight up and down in center of driver’s compartment.

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