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Project CARS is a tough game. It's rooted in simulation, and newcomers might find that very intimidating as cars slide and spin all over. To help you out, we came up with a brief list of tips, to help you get on your feet, or wheels in this case.

If you have your own ideas and tips on how to improve the racing experience, make sure to add them down below!

One of the first things we suggest you do, is try a race out, in a slower car and see how it feels. This game has dozens and dozens of options you can adjust, so the first thing you should do is see what needs to be changed.

Depending on your control device (Controller, Keyboard, Steering Wheel), you will have different settings to mess with. The one we suggest focusing in on, at least at first, is the steering sensitivity. This slider can really alter how you play the game, as it drastically changes how fast your car turns in relation to your joystick presses. If you find the car is jerking around too much, lower this setting to get a smoother turning motion from your vehicle!

Every time you start an event, whether in career or otherwise, you can change the length of the race. Putting it at 100% will have you racing the maximum number of laps, which for purists, will surely be what they want.

Feel free to knock this down however, if you find the races dragging on too long. You receive no bonus for racing at max length, so find a nice middle ground where you can get a few laps in and race to the front of the pack, without having to waste to much time doing extra laps. It will save you time and get you through your career a bit faster!

Anytime you go into a career event, you can change the difficulty of the AI racers. There is no need to jump it at max difficulty, so we suggest knocking it down to 30, and then going from there.

The slider will affect the other racers max speed and ability to handle corners. The lower you set it, the slower they go, and the more liberal they are with their brakes. Once you get a solid feeling for the game, you can slowly bump it up to the point where you have a good fight for first place, without just simply blowing past them.

Once you get a basic feel for the game, take some time to delve into the more intricate details. Cars have dozens of tuning options you can play with to try and get the maximum from your vehicle.

Not only can you change the cars tuning, but you can mess with stuff like your pit stops, and what is taken care of each time you pit. During longer races, this can go a long way to helping you win.

One of the final aspects you can learn in Project CARS is how to properly tune your car.

By default, every car is tuned so that you can hop in and have a good time, but if you are racing on the higher difficulties, and on some of the longer courses, you will want to dig into tuning to maximize your car. For some helpful tips on getting started, check out our page on .

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