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Best cars to Tune up

Sometimes, it can be tough to pick a good car. What might seem like a great choice at the start can perform quite poorly on the track. Upgrades can be blamed for this, as some cars simply can't handle the power we often push into them. With that in mind, we decided to bring together a list of the best cars players can get into for each class. Cars that will perform well on all fronts, and offer you the best versatility.

The lowest class happens to have a lot of good cars in it. The one we picked though is the Mazda MX-5. It has some of the most well rounded starting stats and with a car rating of only 365, there is room to boost its power and handling without taking it out of D-class. Although not the fastest car, the MX-5 will out handle most other cars with it's superior handling and acceleration. It is also quite a light car, making it come to a stop much easier.

Do avoid boosting this car too high though. The MX-5 is not a racing car, so boosting it up into the B, or even A class could cause performance issues. Some cars just aren't meant to go fast, so keep this car in the D-C class.

Possibly the best valued car in D-Class is the Celica GT-Four ST205. It comes in at a measly 19, 000CR, but performs well in all categories. It is also a 4WD vehicle, giving it excellent launch control and cornering.

Like D-Class, C also has plenty of amazing cars. One of the standouts is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR. Lancers have always been known as great cars, and this one is no different. The Evo X GSR has great stats and is a 4 Wheel Drive car, making it handle incredibly well. It also benefits from being in the middle of C-Class, giving you room to upgrade it without leaving the C category.

The Lancer Evo X GSR will perform well even as you upgrade it, but keep in mind that it is not a high performance car. In the top tier classes, it may still control incredibly well, but it will simply lack the "Umph" that a Ferrari might have.

Although the Lancer Evo is already set at a great price, the Dodge SRT4 ACR comes in much cheaper and far lower on the car rating, allowing for more upgrades to be pumped into it, if the player so desires. Even without them, the SRT4 ACR still performs quite well, having excellent acceleration for it's class.

This is the first class where your decision can really be tough. There are a bunch of cars that will perform well, but we did find one that always got the job done, the Corvette Z06. Again, it is a car that is in the middle of it's class, allowing for upgrades to be applied. It is also one of the lighter B-Class cars, and this can be taken even further with a few upgrades. The Corvette Z06 also holds upgrades very well, and will compete well outside of its starting class.

One of the downsides of this car, and this is something common among the higher tier Rear Wheel Drive cars, is that once you add to much power, the car will spin the back wheels, a lot. This can be troublesome when playing with assists off, so keep that in mind if you try to boost this cars power to high.

When it comes to B-Class, look no further than the Forza Motorsport TT RS Coupe. The car is very cheap, only coming in at 52, 000CR. It is not as fast as some of the others in this class range, but it will outperform every one of them in the corners with its far superior handling.

This class is filled with amazing cars, but the Nissan GT-R Black Edition is the one we chose. In the real world, this car is a monster of performance, and it is no difference in game. It may lack the same "Zipp" that a Ferrari or RUF may have, but it has a tremendously high top speed and controls perfectly through corners. It is on the higher end of the rating for A-Class, but there still is a little room for improvement without going beyond the class limit.

The best part about the GT-R is that it will continue to perform well even as you pump it full of upgrades. At the top of A-Class and beyond, the GT-R will always be at the front of the pack.

When it comes to A-Class, it is hard to recommend anything beyond the Nissan GT-R Black Edition. However, for the 110, 000CR, there are a few other cars that can be picked up. The Corvette ZR1 and the Viper GTS both cost the same, but offer much higher speeds than the GT-R, at the cost of handling.

When it comes to S-Class, there are few choices, but they are all quite good. We decided to go with the Zonda Cinque Roadster. This is the highest possible S-Class you can get, but it's an amazing car even without upgrading it. This car is built to be a racing machine, so it will outperform nearly every other car in this category.

The only downside is that it is at the top of S-Class, meaning you will have to drive it basically at stock levels. This isn't necessarily bad, as the car is amazing even when stock, but it is something to keep in mind.

S-Class offers little in the range of cheap power, however the #5 Ford Performance Racing FG Falcon is on the cheaper side, while still offering great performance. With that said, you can cheat a little here. The GT-R Black Edition can easily be upgraded to this class, for cheaper and perform on par with most of these cars.

When it comes to R-Class, people will see the Bugatti and instantly want to pick it (warning, it's a DLC car). Although it is a fast car, it doesn't necessarily handle that well. Instead, we chose the McLaren P1. This car features amazing speed like the Veyron, but it handles much better. It also has a little room for upgrades, although do not expect too much.

The downside to the P1 is that it isn't designed for top tier racing like some of the other cars in this class range. If you are a fan of superior handling over speed, then something like the Ferrari #62 Risi Competizione F458 Italia.

R-Class and higher offer little in the way of price differences. When it comes to buying a car in these classes, pay closer attention to the stats of a car, versus the price.

Although this class is light on cars, there is still one that sticks out to us. The #55 Mazda 787B is the car of choice here, as it features the highest speed rating, while also having the best braking and handling stats.

The downside? It is a DLC car. If it's unavailable to you, then we suggest the Audi Team Joest. It doesn't have the highest speed, but it features a perfect 10 in acceleration, and a great handling stat.

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