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Alright guys, I'd like your opinions on the cars that you think tuners like best. I'm thinking about writing an article for my website, Virtually Infamous Magazine. I did this once before on with another article helped by the sexuality board(click), so I figure you guys would be willing to help out again.

Here are some traits to think about:

-A common car that is relatively easy to find.
-Easy to find parts.
-Nets big gains for little money.
-Cheap to buy, easy to make look good AND fast.
-For the tuning impaired, has lots of shopst to have someone else build up the car of your dreams.
-For the tuning gurus, easy to access parts, does not require unbolting everything to get at one thing.
-Reliable daily driven speed.

Ok, I'd like for you to take this seriously and list the top 3 cars you'd suggest to the average college student who wanted it all with very little money. Give a valid argument and list of reasons on why those three cars would be the best choices.

Please, BE OPEN MINDED. I tried this on another board and they kept giving me one liners like "Car X is the best, there is no need for a top ten".

I'll start it off to give you an idea:

Acura Integra GSR: Tons of aftermarket support, plenty of bolt on parts that will provide immediate satisfaction. Has the ability to push 200 whp naturally aspirated, and even a moderately tuned teg has the ability to run high 14's low 15's. Those willing to go further can upgrade to forced induction and run 13's.

Nissan 240sx: Doesn't look too bad, has rear wheel drive, like a 2gnt, you can leave the stock engine and just turbo it with decent results. In the future, if you wanted to go all out, you can always do a silvia swap.

Subaru WRX: Since the new models are out, the older bug eyed versions are being sold cheap. There is plenty of after market support and even simple bolt ons can let you run 13's. All out people can get six speed swaps and full STi engine converstions.

Looking forward to your choices! Be sophisticated and technical, I may end up quoting you! Of course, if I do, tfp will be credited along with your quote.

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