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Chipping a car is an easy way to make more horsepower and get better fuel mileage reliably. A performance chip essentially changes your car or truck's air and fuel mixtures to optimize the power and torque output. offers several ways, for both cars and trucks, to get your hands on performance chips or to reprogram the vehicles ECU.

Add some instant power today with a new performance chip!

Hypertech is one of the great brands we carry. They offer a more traditional way of chipping your car or truck and two different levels to choose from. These performance chips are direct replacements for the stock chips and feature Hypertech’s Power Tuning data that controls the engine’s air/fuel ratio and spark advance. These chips make tuning easy by being able to be installed in under 30 minutes with simple hand tools and without wiring or soldering.

Another way to upgrade your car with a performance chip is to do it in a new way that doesn’t involve removing the chip. Power programmers offer the same level of tuning as chip replacement, but are easier to use, take less time and offer more levels of tune. These programmers work by using the vehicle’s existing ECU and changing how it goes about its business. Superchips is a company that prides itself on being on the cutting edge of engine management tuning. However, if you aren't able to cough up the high premium prices, you may want to go with a surge performance chip. Each performance chip offers pretty much the same performance gains at a fraction of the cost.

Chipping and tuning your vehicle is made simple and cost effective with replacement chips and hand-held tuners to suit your driving needs. Pick your next performance chip from our large selection of performance chips.

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