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When you click on a part in the game, you will see the name of the part on the right hand side of your screen. You'll also notice at the bottom of the screen that there are tips to help you along. Follow the tips to figure out what part you need and click on the parts until you find the right one. When you put the right part in the right place, you will get the next tip. If you put a part in place and the tip doesn't change, you either put the part in the wrong place or you did not follow the tips and went out of order. Use the colored points on each part to line up where it goes. If you are following the tips in order, the parts will easily lock into place. You may notice as you build your car that you have the option to upgrade some parts. Can you think of reasons why certain car parts might affect performance? This is where your skills as a designer will help! Think about which high performance parts will allow you to build the car of your dreams and choose the upgrade options accordingly. Remember, eventually you'll be using these cars for Track Car Racing. Be sure to consider what the perfect car might be. Once you have completed and saved your Scion Track Car you can still go back and edit it anytime. So, if you try out your Scion Track Car in the Track Car Racing activity and you do not like how it handles the tracks, you can always return to the Track Car Design Game to make changes. One last thing... You'll notice that each upgrade costs money, just like it would in real life! Like a real car designer, you have a limited budget. In this case your budget is $1000, so you'll have to pick which parts you are going to upgrade. Choose carefully! Think about what challenges may lie ahead in Track Car Racing and which upgrades will work the best. You will receive 50 clams for the first Scion Track Car that you design and save. But, you can design and save as many Scion Track Cars as you like.

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