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BMW tuning software

Accesstuner Support Page

The Accessport is capable of displaying sensor data collected by the ECU as a live on-screen gauge using the Live Data feature, as well record sensor data from multiple sensors simultaneously using the Data Logging feature. Click on this BMW Accesstuner Software USDM Monitor Descriptions document to view a full list of Data Monitors available for the supported vehicles.

Accesstuner gives access to a large number of tables to provide extensive tuning capabilities within the OEM ECU.
Click here for BMW Accesstuner Tables:


Simple Interface: significant amount of time has been spent creating a simple, straight-forward interface that takes the mystery out of BMW's complex load-based tuning system. Intuitive changes provide anticipated results and let you get down to the task of tuning.

Tuning Flexibility: Access to over 70 tables in the DME allow tuning for a wide range of modifications. Ongoing development ensures that Accesstuner capabilities continue to grow as our engineers, professional tuners and die-hard enthusiasts explore the limits of the performance envelope.

Vanos Control (N54 Only): Full control of VANOS system via tables for intake and exhaust with separate tables for cold vs. warm operating contitions in idle, moving and spool states, allowing tuner to adjust valve timing to improve drivability and boost control.

Individual Cyl. Timing Correction: Accesstuner logs timing correction on all cylinders, providing a complete view of possible and a better understanding of how the engine is running.

Fuel Control: Full control of fuel system including Fuel Pressure Targeting, Commanded Fuel tables and catalytic converter protection.

Fuel Scalar: Quickly update Accessport maps to accommodate fuels of different specific energy using the Fuel Scalar tables, resulting in proper fuel trims during engine operation for fuels such as E85 and other custom blends.

Limiter Tables (N54 Only): Adjust rev limits by gear, speed limiter, requested torque limit, and many more.

Throttle Tables: Customize engine response to throttle pedal input quickly and easily, with 3-D graphing.


Map Locking: Maps can be locked to prevent customer tampering, unauthorized distribution or inappropriate use.

Unlimited Vehicle Flashing: All turbocharged BMW vehicles supported with this software. Allows an unlimited number of Accessport equipped vehicles can be tuned.

Integral Data Logging: Unlimited data logging of over 70 channels of data from the DME for detailed analysis of engine performance.

Integral Dashboard: Shows tuner-chosen gauges to be displayed on-screen throughout the tuning process.

Unit Conversion: Ability to easily convert between metric and standard units so the tuner can use units he/she is most familiar with.

Map Database: Free access to the OTS map database from COBB Tuning that provide excellent starting points for specific modifications.

Hot Keys: Convenient on-touch short-cut keys allow easy data manipulation of common tuning operations.

Wideband O2 Interface: Open wideband O2 interface integrates with a wide selection of available wideband O2 sensors.

Embedded Stock Data: Stock tuning data (ROMs) are self-contained inside the software itself, providing the OEM baseline tune for each vehicle supported by the software.

Technical Support: Outstanding technical support from the software engineering team and our expert calibrators.

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