Tune Up

Car Tune up Checklist

Car Tune up Checklist

You vehicle requires a regular tune-up for optimal performance and efficiency. Our mechanics at Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto in Virginia can perform preventative maintenance, including tune-ups on your vehicle. Most vehicles need a tune-up every 30, miles. Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto provides quality, affordable tune-ups, as well as other auto repair services…

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Engine Performance Upgrades

Engine Performance Upgrades

Power Plant. Milwaukee Muscle. Big Twin. Mill.Whatever you call it, your engine is the single most important factor in improving your bike’s performance. Decide whether you want a street-legal Stage Kit for more passing power, or a big-bore monster motor that’ll melt the asphalt right off the track. Check out the basics outlined below and let your dealer know how you plan to…

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Cost for tune-up on car

Cost for tune-up on car

Even when your engine is working properly, automotive components can slowly start to wear down to lower performance levels. Meineke Car Care Centers offer auto tune up services when you need them. What Happens in a Car Tune Up? Your engine uses a series of interconnected components to deliver a spark, send fuel, and push airflow into the engine. If the controlling components…

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