Renault Clio Tuning parts

Renault Clio Tuning parts

Your Renault Clio has been good to you, but along the way, it is bound to need some of that goodwill reciprocated in the form of old-fashioned maintenance and repair. The Renault Clio 2 and Renault Clio 3 are revered by compact car enthusiasts, and this collection of parts and accessories will live up to the Renault Clio s esteem. A very wide and thorough assortment of parts…

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Pimping cars

Pimping cars

Armed with a few pieces of cardboard and masking tape, Max Siedentopf set out on the streets of Amsterdam looking for the most average cars he could find. Photographer Max Siedentopf has no idea who the cars in his photos belong to. What he did know the second he saw them, is that they were in dire need of an upgrade. Armed with a few pieces of cardboard and masking tape, he…

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Car Accessories in UK

Car Accessories in UK

20 Years in Business Free Click and Collect Next Day & Worldwide Dispatch Car Accessories Plus is a new online car parts and car accessories shop from Stoneacre Motor Group where you ll find over 4 Genuine car accessories designed to fit, protect and enhance the look of your car. All of the products listed in store are genuine manufacturer accessories unless otherwise…

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Engine Programmers

Engine Programmers

The engine programmer contributes to the design, addition, and modification of code and features that are built to enhance performance within a video game’s engine. This person works under the supervision of the engine lead and engine director to optimize memory and CPU capability, and to exploit the potential of current console platforms. Duties While the engine programmer…

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Racing Automotive Tuning

Racing Automotive Tuning

Excerpts from Circle Track Magazine, April 2004, by Henry Olsen Jetting a carburetor is one of the few “black arts” in the automotive world that is still a mystery to most racers and tuners, most tuners look at the spark plug, the exhaust port and the first 6 inches of the header for proper “color” and make a guess at what jet size change is needed. One of the disadvantages…

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