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Nowadays, engineering and simulation are complementary in the automotive world, specially for motorsport activities. In addition to being an effective tool for driver training, HRS Drivers Training System has also become the key of two new activities: race engineer training and development and testing of solutions prototyped for racing cars.
The figure of the Race Car Engineer uses the ARC-Team Engineering/Hexathron Racing Systems simulator to improve his ability to reed data acquisition to improve the setup, learning as fast as possible the importance of adjustments and some of the most important dynamics of a racing car. This is done by being able to observe in real time – and in detail by analyzing datas – parameters that are often impossible to detect on the track because of the technical regulations of the various categories and allowing you to deal official appointments, having already a solid base on car set-up, and to maximize the times on the track during the race weekend.

The testing and development of innovative solutions is a direct consequence of the birth of SIM-Creator, a real software interfaced with rFactor physics engine and it allows us to replicate the mathematical model of the car for simulator with any changes in aerodynamic or mechanical that a team may find it helpful to improve the car without having to prematurely create a real counterpart and knocking down the cost of prototyping and testing. All this adds in the share of uses of our simulator, the development of real racing cars.

SIM -Creator is the result of 7 years of research and development on the simulation software most used by the team and the drivers of each vehicle category that use static or dynamic simulators for driver training or engineer training: rFactor.

Provide a complete model of the car linked to the internal management of rFactor was no longer sufficient and with SIM-Creator we canceled the limitations of the simulation software base that we all know.

Starting from the mechanics of racing car we went to locate all those points in which it was present, albeit in a limited form, an approximation respect to reality. Over the years we have highlighted these limitations and developed a number of solutions that have been tested and are always appreciated by drivers and teams who have entrusted to us for training.

Example: the adjustments of damper are handled by rFactor in a form of setup that, for simplicity, contains a series of approximations that, for the driver and especially for the engineer who read values ​​of the telemetry. These were, however, different compared to the real ones, and with SIM-Creator go beyond these limits allowing to simulate a racing damper without approximations in the adjustments. The engineer will simply have to adjust the shock absorber in simtable and everything will be loaded directly into the simulation software with a simple click.

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