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Not good, you will get placed eventually like most of my seniors but if not campus than may be 6 more months or who knows 1 additional year also if you are coming here I would suggest not to look at the packaging and branding (as in IIT tag et al).
Also don't come here expecting the scale of package which graduates normally get here.
What masters get here after passing out is healthy which is good for a starter.

The problem is that the people who come here choose to conveniently ignore it now a days is what ultimately counts is your work, the originality, the content and come here with a set notion that the IIIT, IDC tag will get them everything, make no mistake its not going to help you !

Having said that the placement scenario here @mobility and vehicle design in Idc, the fact is that it's still in its early years of inception, I mean the current batch is just the 4th batch and hence there is still a lack of spread of word in the industry how ever the alumni are just everywhere.
But this is one problem I guess every automotive design college is facing the employment options are less and the skill required is mind blasting, So this specialization would actually test your passion and patience, like its testing mine now :-(

But for God's sake strive to be a good designer and not just a well employed professional please be a dreamer you can be much more than just that!!!

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